Welcome to Het Gouden Hart

uithangbordHet Gouden Hart (Golden Heart) is an organization that passes along second hand goods to all people. Everyone (rich, poor, old, young,...) is welcome to drop off or pick up goods that might be useful for themselves or for other people. By doing this we try reduce the pile of waste and to make people happy at the same time.

The organization is ran by a group of enthousiastic idealists who voluntarily help Het Gouden Hart as good as they can.


Why do we do this?

Our first goal is to reduce waste. Secondly, we believe that in our society there are enough means and resources for everyone, but we think that these are unfairly distributed. Het Gouden Hart tries to help out people who are less fortunate. By giving them the opportunity to shop for free, they can save their money for rent, bills, taxes, fuel,... As part of welfare-group "Welzijnsschakels" we try to help the less fortunate not only by providing free goods, but also by offering a social meeting space where they can have a chat.


How does it work?

We are a shop without a cash register. All items in our shop are free. During opening hours you can simply take away what is useful to you or the people you love. These things are brought in by people who don't need them any longer and wish to pass them on to others. Donating is allowed during opening hours, or when volunteers are present to accept the items.


What can be useful to us?

All sorts of things can be nice as long as they are useful: toys, books, clothes, electronics etc. but we don't have a lot of space to store things. For that reason we can't accept large items like cabinets and seats. Donating larger kinds of stuff can be done by offering them in our Facebook group "Weggeefgroep Weggeefwinkel Olmen".

Opening hours
  1. Tuesday
    • From 11:00h till 17:00h
    • From 18:00h till 20:00h
  2. first and third saturday of the month
    • From 11:00h till 15:00h



Martinus Van Gurplaan 41A Lommellocation_on

Company number.: ON 0553687579